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What is a
Netflix Clone?

Netflix Clone is a digital platform designed to empower artists, producers, and content creators in the ever-evolving world of streaming entertainment. Our OTT and video streaming platform aims to revolutionize how you showcase your talent, reach a global audience, and monetize your content like never before.

We understand the importance of fair compensation for your hard work and creativity. Our platform similar to Netflix provides flexible monetization options. From Video Advertising Platform (AVOD), Subscription (SVOD), Pay-Per-View (PPV) / TVOD, or a combination of these models, our platform enables you to monetize your content in ways that align with your streaming business goals and aspirations.

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Let's step into a realm of unlimited entertainment with platforms similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, etc.

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Advance Features

User Registration & Profiles
Allow users to create personalized profiles and securely register on the platform.
Browse and Search
An intuitive and user-friendly interface enables seamless browsing and searching for content.
Watchlist and Favorites
Allow users to create their watchlists by saving movies and TV shows they are interested in.
Parental Controls
Content filtering and age restrictions ensure a safe and suitable viewing experience.
Seamless Payments
Provide users with a hassle-free way to subscribe to your streaming service.
Add Favourites
Enable users to mark their favorite movies or TV shows for quick access.
Report Abuse Video
Users can report streaming content if they find them offensive or abusive.
Watch History
Users can check details of the streaming content that they have watched on their account.
Catalog & Categories
Creating a comprehensive catalog with a wide range of movies, TV shows, documentaries, & other streaming content becomes easier.
Discover Relevant Content
Categorize content based on genres, release year, popularity, and user ratings to help users discover relevant content easily.
Responsive Design
A responsive and optimized website enables users to access and enjoy streaming content on any device seamlessly.
Continue Watching
Continue Watching enables users to pick up from where they left off on a movie or TV show, even if they switch devices.
Recommendation Engine
An AI-driven extension, a recommendation engine helps you showcase what your subscribers want to view.
Built-in SEO Tools
An in-built SEO tool helps you to better submit and optimize your streaming content on Search Engines.
My Watchlist
Users can keep track and record all the titles they consume and access them quickly whenever required.
Download Content
Users are allowed to download files like .mp4 .mp3 .pdf .doc .ppt .avi etc, to enjoy it at their convenience.
Video Quality Options
Our platform supports high-quality video streaming with adaptive bitrate technology that adjusts the content quality based on the user's internet connection.
You can send personalized notifications to users about new content releases and recommendations based on their viewing history.
Add Bulk Subtitles
Admin is enabled to add bulk subtitles to all their videos and audios in .vtt and .srt format via browser and SFTP.
Encoding and Transcoding
You can convert your streaming content to various file formats and resolutions for cross-device compatibility.
Easy Upload
Admin can easily upload streaming content from the system browser or transfer it from Cloud Drives or Server.
Content Ordering
Produthing Netflix Clone enables you to build, offer, and maintain a clean content library without hassle.
Embed Videos
Embedding and playing streaming content from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or any other becomes easier with our Netflix clone script.
Skippable & Non-Skippable Ads
Set and manage skippable and non-skippable ads on your OTT and video streaming platform.
Intuitive TV Remote Navigation
Simple and intuitive controls, like directional buttons & enter/select buttons, allow users to browse through content and access various features seamlessly.
Home Screen
A visually appealing and user-friendly home screen showcases featured content, popular movies, TV shows, and personalized recommendations.
Details and Trailers
Users can view comprehensive details about movies and TV shows, including descriptions, ratings, cast, or preview clips to get a glimpse before watching it.
Settings & Preferences
Users can customize their viewing experiences by making essential settings, such as language preferences, subtitle settings, and playback quality options, directly from the TV app.
Multi-User Profiles
Multiple user profiles allow different members of a household to have personalized recommendations, watch histories, and settings on the same TV.
Easy Search
Users can quickly search for specific movies, TV shows, or actors/actresses.
Playback Controls
Intuitive playback controls for TV OS allow users to pause, play, rewind, fast-forward, and control volume.
Error Handling & Support
Effective error-handling mechanisms help users to view clear error messages when issues arise, such as network connectivity problems or playback errors.

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ProduThing TV is a next-generation video streaming app and website that allows directors, producers, distributors, social media influencers, as well as art and culture organisations such as theatre, opera, or dance companies, museums, and more to promote and sell their video content. Our white-label streaming solution includes a web platform, a native Android app, and a native Apple app.

Definitely! ProduThing TV offers a subscription model by default, with options for yearly or monthly subscription plans. If you prefer to offer your content for free, that's no problem either. We understand that you may have specific monetisation needs, and we can customise your solution to include additional revenue streams such as integrating advertising, offering subscription plans, pay-per-view options, or others. Our solution includes Stripe as standard for payment processing, but we can also customise other payment platforms at no additional cost to meet your requirements. Just get in touch with us and we'll be happy to discuss your options with you. (link to contact page)

ProduThing TV is ideal for television channels, e-learning organisations, directors, producers, distributors, social media influencers, as well as art and culture organisations such as theatre, opera, or dance companies, museums, and more who want to promote and monetise their video content.

To use our platforms, you'll need the necessary resources and accounts, including AWS hosting provided by you. Additionally, you'll need developer accounts for the Apple and Android apps. Some customisations and features may require third-party licences or services, which we can guide you through. Just contact our support team, and we'll help you get set up. (link to contact page)

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ProduThing use the term Netflix Clone for promotional purpose. This is just to disclose that we have created an on-demand video streaming platform similar to Netflix. Our company is by no means associated with Netflix. Our group of designers and programmers construct the code and the layout. No graphics, code, or design has been used from the original Netflix site.