The Berlin Wall

My Part in Its Downfall - The Peter Millar Story (feature film)

Status : Seeking Co-Producers, Distributors | Language: English / German

Based on Peter Millar's best-selling book: A young journalist is sent to East Berlin during the Cold War, where he meets history, his quirky Berliner neighbourhood at the pub, and a surveillance state that looks like a very attractive cleaning lady.

Father Interrupted

Padrectomía (52 min. documentary)

Producers: Luckymatrix (Portugal), Nomade Films and Cabracarril (Argentina)

Status: Now Ready for Acquisition, Distribution | Language: Spanish / English subtitles

Directed by Guillermo Costanzo and Marcelo Mosenson

“Father Interrupted - Padrectomía" is a potent and emotional documentary that narrates the tale of Marcelo Mosenson, a father fighting for his right to see his son in the face of legal obstacles and parental alienation. The film illuminates a crucial issue affecting fathers and children globally and vows to be essential viewing for anyone intrigued by family law, human rights, and victims of any form of "parentectomy."


(Drama TV series)

Producers: INDEPROD (France), Tarantula (Belgium), Luckymatrix (Portugal)

Status: In development | Language: French

Penned by Marc Rosati (Un Flic, Police District), Patrice Henry (Chronique d’un flic chez les voyous), and Phil Ox

Set in 1980s Paris, the turbulent paths of a girl and two boys, Sophie – the ambitious one – and Lucas – the idealist – who both serve as detectives in the Vice Squad, while their best friend, Vasco – the nightclubber – is a journalist. Together, our three heroes experience the disruptive changes that profoundly reshape French society: the explosion of FM pirate radio and private television, the attack on Copernic Street, AIDS, Le Pen, 3615 Ulla, the anti-racism movement, the abolition of the death penalty and the decriminalisation of homosexuality, advertising, top models, hip-hop: Today's France is vividly mirrored in that of the 80s.


(Drama TV series)

Status: Series Bible, Co-producers and Distribution Partners Needed

Language: English, Magyar, German

Penned by Alex Oates, Katie Sheridan, and Phil Ox

Inspired by actual events, a returning drama series that chronicles Budapest in the 90s through the prism of the gang of misfits who created the thriving local porn industry. It’s the tale of a generation running away with the circus.