Whether you're looking to add exciting new capabilities to our ProduThing platforms or expand your universe,


From adding live streaming or a marketplace to ProduThing Audio or ProduThing TV to creating something entirely new - a groundbreaking app, a beautiful website - or even improve your digital presence through search engine optimization, we are what you need. Everything digital about you - that's what we do.

We understand that every content owner, artist, influencer, producer, and organisation is unique and may require customised features to enhance both the user and admin experience. Our team is passionate about using their expertise to bring your visions to life. Talk to us if, for example, you want to implement artificial intelligence to automate repetitive tasks on your ProduThing Audio or add LIVE streaming to your ProduThing TV, or if you need merchandising solutions for your ProduThing Tkt platform. Even better, tell us something totally unexpected, and let's push the envelope together. Our team of developers can enhance your platform on both the admin and client sides, and we offer competitive pricing and on-schedule delivery.